The Chickens have it covered

The chickens have been keeping us on our toes.

Last year we were given Boris (named by my Mother after the British Prime Minister) as he was being bullied where he was. That meant we ended with with 3 cockerals.


After a few days he settled in but rarely goes outside. We also think (and I have no problem with it) he is gay as he has shown no interest in the girls.

Having 3 cockerals we decided to we needed more girls even if Boris isnt into girls. So more girls were got but some how we ended up with another cockeral.

Then at the beginning of the year the flock got some infection and unfortunately several died including Zebadee and Casanova.

Just after Casanova died one of his offspring turned out to be another cockeral. Now he is over year old so he is either a late developer or had a sex change operation. Whatever is the case he is just like his Daddy so is called Casanova 2.

We also had 1 hen commit suicide by flying into the main garden and unfortunately the dogs got her. Plus another was killed by a passing cat that also killed neighbour’s chickens.

So some more new girls were needed to stop the boys fighting.

Some of our new girls

Next we have one small chicken who I am sure has a duck for one of her parents as she waddles like a duck.

Finally we have just had one hen hatch 6 eggs giving us 2 yellow and 2 black chicks.

2 day old chicks

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