Bitter Sweet

So a couple of months ago Baba (Junior’s father) disappeared. We were not too worried as he had gone walkabout before although this was the longest time he has been gone for awhile.

Imagine the joy Mustafa had when he got home lunchtime on 12th February on seeing Baba’s head looking out of the dog house in the carport.

Now imagine how he felt when Baba come out and he saw this.


We immediately rang the Vet and drove straight down to them. Emergency surgery and 10 days at the Vet’s later and Baba come home again. We dont know what happened but everyone thinks it is likely he got his leg trapped in a trap (illegal).

After a few days home he is looking much happier and healing nicely.


A few more days of the cone and he will be even happier.

We have agreed that he will not return to the street and will become part of the family.

Back to a 8 dog family.


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