Life is a Bitch

The last month has been busy with both happiness and saddness.

The happy was my mother managed to get over for 4 weeks. She came couple of weeks earlier then she wanted to, trying to avoid any quarantine on returning home. Didnt quite make it as quarantine on returning to the UK started a week before she returned.

The sad both Junior and Kalipso become very ill. Turned out that Junior has liver disease. We had to take him to Konya (4 hour drive away) to get the tests done. He returned with half a chemist and a 50/50 chance of getting better.


The positive with Junior is that he is young and livers are an amazing organ. He has started to have more energy and barking again.

Next we have Pumpkin, who hadnt had a seizure for 19 days, had one Friday evening followed by another early Sunday morning. Both of which she recovered from quite quickly.

The saddest news is Kalispo. She started having bloody diarrhea. Bleed tests were bad pointing towards leukemia. We could only get her to eat small amounts of plain chicken and she gradually slowed down.

Saturday night she wouldn’t settle and I spend most of it holding her. She eventually went to sleep early Sunday morning.

When she woke her back legs kept giving way and she really didn’t know where she was. Didn’t seem to hear or see us. Monitoring her and Pumpkin was a painful morning. Kalipso only showed signs of getting worst so we had to make the most painful decision and call the Vet to arrange having her put to sleep.


Then came the worst trip to town where the Vet agreed that it was best. So Sunday 25th October Kalipso went to sleep for the last time in my arms

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