Don’t Laugh

So I start with some happy news. The mother dog recovered well from her second operation and on Monday we let her leave the enclosed area. She has been welcomed back by the other street dogs. The mother dog is coming for food and sleeping in the car port along with the others.

Hooray I have the area outside the kitchen back. We got it all clean and tidy.

Then came this morning when all the street dogs were going crazy. Not just their usual barking. I go outside and up the road to find them barking at a very scared and skinny dog.

Off I go to get them away and take a look at the dog. It very willingly came back to the house with me and into my nice clean kitchen yard.

Food and water given and a bed. We have just started a 3 day curfew so we cant do much until Monday but apart from being skinny it looks healthy.

Mustafa will make some phone calls and hopefully we can find her a home. Yes it is a girl. She doesn’t appear to be scared of people and is quite affectionate.

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