Well this isn’t quite what I was intenting to write, at least not the second part.

Yesterday we took the mother dog down to be spayed. Even after being in the enclosed area for over 2 months, she still willn’t let us touch her so getting her into the car wasn’t easy.

The Vet had to sedate her in the car as we couldn’t get her out. Operation went well but on returning home she had woken up too much and we then had the fun of getting out of the car.

Back in the car after her operation

All seemed well but this morning at 7.30 I found a small amount of blood. We couldn’t her check her properly but it didn’t seem too bad.

A few checks during the morning and all seemed OK. 10.30 check and she was bleeding badly (I will spare you the photos we took to send to the Vet). Call to the Vet and it decided he would come to us. We have currently started a 4 day lock down and only emergency journeys allowed.

Between the 3 of us we got her sedated and a field hospital set up. It turned out she had some how popped her internal stitches. Resewn and put back in her bed before she woke up.

She is looking good and no bleeding but it does mean she will have to stay shut in for longer then we had hoped for.


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