Sunday Lunch

Well another first. We were invited to a village further into the mountains by our neighbour. The neighbour’s future in-laws was having the 40 day memorial meal for a family member.

Although I have been to village meals before what made this a new experience was going into the mosque beforehand for prayers. I have been in several mosque and been at prayer meetings at a house but never taken part in a mosque.

I dont know the details of müslim prayers and hope I do not offend anyone. This is just my experience.

On going up stairs to the Women’s Section I found all the women to be seated around the outside. First the İmam (I assume) recited from the Koran and I think may have said prayers for the deceased. Some of this seemed to be in arabic. When he finished everyone moved face Mecca and the individual prayer mats. Then they prayed indivdually for awhile followed by the İmam leading prayers.

Then some silent prayers before everyone went downstairs.

A interesting experience and was not made to feel that as a foreigner O shouldn’t be there.

After the meal was finished and the mosque empty I popped upstairs again to take a couple of photos.

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