Ramazan Tale

Living in Turkey I celebrate the Muslim holidays with Mustafa and family. With the end of Ramazan on Thursday and now in the 3 day Eid al-Fitr holiday, I will tell of a past Ramazan incident.

It was a few years ago and we were still living down on the coast. Being the only one not working and able to drive, I was given the task of taking Mustafa’s mother up to the village to visit relatives for the end of Ramazan.

No major problem and all went well with a visit first to Grandma. Then we drive on until Mother tells me to stop. Which I did but with some confusion as I couldn’t see any houses. Next thing I know is we are walking down into a cemetary and visiting dead relatives. Not at all what I had expected but I then started to always wear a headscarf to the village as I could never be sure what I would end up doing


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